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The Continuity Forecast: Because Business Never Stops

Aug 26, 2019

Electronic sensors that stop floods, fire retardant systems that put out fires before they spread, and haptic belts that teach workers how to do their jobs without getting hurt.

This isn’t science fiction.

This is the state of the insurance industry in 2019.

Ryan Deeds is the VP of Technology and Data at Assurex Global, a company that is the largest privately-held corporate insurance, risk management, and employee benefits brokerage group. 

Assurex is a conglomerate of insurance agents that are the best of the breed. When companies buy in, they become share owners to help direct where they are headed.

Ryan works with CEOs and CIOs to help them with strategy to collaborate more effectively to manage all of the quick moving parts of the emerging insurance industry.

Agencies are hyperniching out to find their customers better solutions. Technology has completely changed the way that insurance works. 

Using this technology is a great way to reduce the cost of your annual insurance premium. Typically, it can reduce your cost by 5-10%.

Final tips: If your agent isn’t bringing this stuff up, take a hard look at your insurance. 

Then, ask questions.